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HERO HAIR Has Two Studio Divisions: Motion Pictures & Television, And Custom Cosplay. Here's A Look At Both In The Video Above!


The custom motion picture & television pieces and custom cosplay pieces we create are visually indistinguishable, with only imperceptible construction protocols and our uniquely strategic methodologies differentiating the two. These subtle differences, combined with our equally unique cosplay-client cross-promotion & social media crediting partnerships allows us to offer top-notch motion picture quality to our cosplay clientele at a mere fraction of the cost compared to visually identical pieces created for the entertainment industry by our studio.

You will see examples of both divisions' custom pieces in this video, which serves as our calling card to major film and television studios, while also showcasing them for cosplay division inquiries, and as the official introduction to our work."

All professional actors and cosplayers appearing in this video, in our custom wears, have granted HERO HAIR limited use of their individual likenesses for our online media. 

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The ONLY working motion picture/television industry custom wig & facial hair studio with a dedicated cosplay-client division, featuring EXCLUSIVE  beyond-the-sale services available from no one else- what we call

The REEL Wig Experience™.

WATCH OUR BANNER CAROUSEL ABOVE FOR THE DETAILS before exploring the rest of the site, including our official 7:00 Minute Video SIZZLE REEL, The HERO HAIR Difference! 


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Yellow Logo 2019 transparency shadow.png
Yellow Logo 2019 transparency shadow.png
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