The HERO HAIR Difference Demo Reel

HERO HAIR Has Two (2) Distinct Divisions To Our Studio: Our Motion Picture & Television Division, & Our Custom Cosplay Division. Here's A Look At Both In The Video Above!

HERO HAIR maintains two entirely separate divisions to our studio, both with the same attention to detail applied to every custom piece we create.

While our professional film & television pieces are state-of-the-art for that industry, so too are our custom cosplay pieces created for our character re-creation artist clients. Visually, virtually indistinguishable from the other, both our feature film & television custom pieces, AND our custom cosplay division pieces feature our exclusive "HERO-Hairline™,"&"Hair-Directional Growth-Pattern Plotting™," and "TRUE-Hue Physical Color Grading™." 

The core difference between the two types of pieces we produce (film & TV vs. Cosplay), under our two separate divisions, are in undetectable, strategic construction protocols and methodologies, exclusive to our studio, which allows for as close to a true motion picture quality production piece as is possible for our cosplay clientele, yet at a fraction of the price of what we charge for the professional entertainment industry, which has specific requirements for the camera not applicable to their cosplay-piece cousins.

You will see both of our division's custom pieces in this video, which we send to the major film and television studios as our proof-of-concept demo reel for jobs.

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There are many custom wig companies...but only one HERO HAIR.

HERO HAIR is the only custom wig company owned and operated by actual, working motion picture & television industry wig and hair professionals, with additional client-services available from no one else on Earth; the REEL wig experience™- our exclusive, LIFETIME, UNLIMITED, FREE wig & facial hair support, maintenance, and, LIVE, 1-on-1, remote, professional video training / real-time client-crewing of your appearances in cosplay, and more.



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