There are many custom wig companies...but only one HERO HAIR.

The HERO HAIR difference gives you what only our studio provides, going beyond the mere, professional creation of your custom piece, and into the realm of the REEL wig experience.


 A HERO HAIR custom wig, facial hair application, or, hairpiece application is unlike any other created in the industry. Our team is comprised of actual, working professional artists in the Broadway, television & feature film industries, with a collective, nearly, 100 years of experience, all of them in the top ten percent of their respective fields, as well as with a deep, personal, practiced understanding of what it takes to create a truly successful illusion- the one the viewer isn’t even aware exists. HERO HAIR custom pieces are state-of-the-art, with superior quality, cutting-edge materials, exclusive methodologies, and unparalleled client-care from the point of first inquiry to final delivery, and beyond.

HERO HAIR pieces are state-of-the-art, the highest quality physically capable of being produced today. Under our feature film & television division, our work has appeared, prominently, in major studio productions such as The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman (for which HERO HAIR built several of the wigs for the characters known as “The Oddities,” Dickinson, starring Hailee Steinfeld, M. Night Shyamalan’s SERVANT, The upcoming 2021 reboot of Gossip Girl, and AMC’s original series, Dispatches From Elsewhere, created by, and starring, Jason Segel.

Under our custom cosplay wig & facial hair division, your piece will be virtually indistinguishable from those we create for a major Hollywood production, yet at a fraction of the price through our studio's exclusive methodologies, and unique protocols, afforded only to the cosplay client.

But what is the total HERO HAIR difference? The below videos will demonstrate why our studio is unlike any other custom wig company on Earth.


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VIDEO 01: The HERO HAIR Difference Film & TV Demo-Reel

HERO HAIR Has Two (2) Distinct Divisions To Our Studio: Our Feature Film & Television Division, & Our Custom Cosplay Division. Here's A Look At Both!

As we’ve pointed out in our lead-in, HERO HAIR maintains two entirely separate divisions to our studio, both with the same attention to detail applied to every custom piece we create.

While our professional film & television pieces are state-of-the-art for that industry, so too are our custom cosplay pieces created for our character re-creation artist clients. Visually, virtually indistinguishable from the other, both our feature film & television custom pieces, AND our custom cosplay division pieces feature our exclusive HERO-Hairline™, Hair Directional Growth Pattern plotting™, and TRUE-Hue Physical Color Grading™

The core difference between the two types of pieces we produce (film & TV vs. Cosplay), under our two separate divisions, are in undetectable, strategic construction protocols and methodologies, exclusive to our studio, which allows for as close to a true motion picture quality production piece as is possible for our cosplay clientele, yet at a fraction of the price of what we charge for the professional entertainment industry, which has specific requirements for the camera not applicable to their cosplay-piece cousins.

You will see both of our division's custom pieces in this video, which we send to the major film and television studios as our proof-of-concept demo reel for jobs.

VIDEO 02: THE HERO-Hairline    

Avoiding the "uncanny valley," our exclusive HERO-HAIRLINES™ are screen-accurate, and true-to-life to the original actor/character, or source-reference, as close as 6 inches to the naked eye. 

Of the countless details that set HERO HAIR apart from any other custom wig company on Earth, our trademarked "HERO-Hairline™" is the crowning jewel.


The"HERO-Hairline™" is the most hyper-realistic, faithfully accurate, naturally human-in-appearance hairline physically (and visually) possible with today's wig technology; much of which our studio has pioneered, in, first the cosplay industry, and, shortly thereafter, for our numerous projects in television & feature film. Find out how HERO HAIR avoids the dreaded "uncanny valley," with our screen accurate, real-to-life hairlines that hold up to as close as one foot to the naked eye, featuring extreme close-up quality under even the most discerning HD camera lenses.


VIDEO 03: Unsolicited Client Testimonial 
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HERO HAIR is the only custom wig company that goes beyond the sale.  

Continuing to set HERO HAIR apart from any other custom wig company on Earth, creating your custom wig, hairpiece application, or facial hair application is only the beginning of our exclusive client-services.


80% of our worldwide clients have been trained virtually, since 2015, via LIVE, remote video, to apply, basically maintain, de-wig, and re-block/store their custom pieces, between our studio’s annual FREE refreshing services. Our studio, however, has also, since our beginning, provided exclusive, in-person, client training and crewing as their own, personal professional team, across the United States, or both, as we traveled to Comic Cons, our custom wig exhibitions, and even our client's homes and hotels to provide the full movie star experience!

*While COVID-19 has presently changed our in-person protocols to adhere to local, regional, state, and government guidelines, we will be returning to our live crewing of clients again in the future, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon face-to-face.

(* As NYC's COVID numbers are amongst the lowest in the nation, due to our strict mitigation practices and guidelines, our COVID-compliant studio's In-person visits for our clients are still available, on a limited basis, and with adherence to our local protocols for both in-city gatherings and out-of-state travelers.

Please reach out to HERO HAIR via the INQUIRIES page to ask about the possibility of visiting our studio.

VIDEO 04: HERO HAIR Inquiries & FREE Video Consultations

HERO HAIR Has Provided Our Exclusive, LIVE, One-On-One Video Inquiry Sessions, With Potential Clients, Since 2015. Join Our Co-Founders For A 30-Minute Session With Absolutely No Obligation To Buy.

If you have ever wondered how to #crownyourcosplay™ with a custom wig, hairpiece application, or facial hair application that elevates your transformative illusion™ beyond the uncanny valley, and into the realm of absolute, screen-accurate reality, at HERO HAIR it all begins with our one-on-one client video-inquiry sessions, once they have reviewed our initial email reply with the full pdf breakdown of their custom piece.

*This short video provides you with a quick look at that process, as well as surrounding information about what you get from your first inquiry to our studio.

(*Video will be replaced soon with our updated, all new 2021 re-edit.)

VIDEO 05: How HERO HAIR Delivers Your Custom Piece

If you've ever commissioned a custom wig, you've never received it like this. With HERO HAIR,  your custom piece is delivered to you the same way we professionally transport to set in the feature film and television industry. 

HERO HAIR goes to great pains to provide the client with the full movie-star (REEL) experience. That experience doesn't end when we professionally pack up your custom wig (or facial hair) application and send it out of the studio for final delivery to your door. In this demonstration, we show you the HERO HAIR difference of how you'll receive your custom piece...and, how you won't with anyone else.


VIDEO 06: Crowning Your Cosplay  & Our Classic Highlights Reel!

HERO HAIR Was Founded In 2015 And Is Still Going Strong. Take A Look At What Has Brought us Here Today, In This Years-Long Collection Of Some Of Our Favorite Highlights Crowning™ Our Client's Cosplays!

It is hard to believe HERO HAIR is going into our 7th year. The above video, one of our first highlight reels ever produced,  documents just some of our studio's work with our cosplay clients, from our official launch party in NYC, to some of the many Cons and exhibitions we traveled to over the years to crew our official HERO HAIR Cosplayers, LIVE, for their world-premieres in our custom pieces.


Though we've come a long way with our craft since these highlights were taken, the wigs and facial hair still hold up, and we are proud to show you our humble beginnings in the world of what we have often called, "The Serious Adventurer."  

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