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HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™

maintains two separate custom-divisions of our studio-



HERO HAIR's prices for our cosplay-division clients (Cosplayers)

are VASTLY different (lower)

than what we charge our motion picture & television production clients...

yet deliver a virtually indistinguishable piece straight off the silver screen.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't.

How do we do it? Why do we do it? Is that even legal?

The answers are here in complete detail.

Take a LONG, deep dive below before contacting us...

 -By Travis Cowsill,

Co-Founder & Creative Director, HERO HAIR

(Cosplayer of more than 35 years).





MOTION PICTURE & TELEVISION-CLIENT​ PRICES  HERO HAIR creates state-of-the-art, HD (high definition) camera-quality custom wigs, hairpiece applications (falls, extensions, etc.), and facial hair applications (mustaches, beards, and eyebrows) for motion pictures & television within the standard entertainment industry pricing system; materials, labor, and the specific design aesthetics, or mechanical considerations of the build. The cost of a custom wig created by our studio for a major motion picture, or television/streaming production, typically ranges from $6,500.00 (US) to $10,000.00 (US), depending on the physical requirements for the job, the talent (principal/lead-to-atmosphere/background, or stunt actor), and the subject's focal-prominence (how close) relative to the camera.


Prices for more extreme design elements with a professional film or television wig can bring the cost even higher, upwards into the range of $15,000.00 (US), or more, in our industry. However, the prices for the custom pieces HERO HAIR creates for our motion picture & television production clients are VASTLY different than the prices we charge our cosplay clients upon a private commission.


COSPLAYER-CLIENT PRICES  A fraction of the price HERO HAIR charges for the professional entertainment industry above, yet without sacrificing the integrity of our efforts, or the quality of our work, the cost of a custom wig created by our studio for the cosplay client typically ranges from $1,750.00 (US) to $2,250.00 (US), with, again, considerations for materials, labor, and the specific design aesthetics, or mechanics of the build.

As a cosplay client, the custom wig (or facial hair application/hairpiece application, etc.) you receive from our studio is identical in quality, craftsmanship, visual appearance, foundation construction, and performance to the pieces we create for motion pictures & television. Aside from some imperceptible differences examined below, the wigs (hairpiece applications and facial hair applications) made by both divisions of HERO HAIR (Motion Picture & Television and Cosplay) are virtually indistinguishable from the other.

Yes, you are getting an authentic motion picture-production quality piece, hand fabricated and styled by actual, working entertainment industry artists, at a fraction of the cost. Yes, we have a long-term payment plan.

How do we do it?

As we have stated throughout this website and across our social media, where our two divisions of our studio are concerned, while our professional motion picture & television pieces are state-of-the-art for that industry, so too, identically, are our custom pieces created for our cosplay clients. Both our motion picture & television division custom pieces AND our custom cosplay division pieces feature our exclusive HERO-Hairline™, Hair Directional Growth Pattern plotting™, and TRUE-Hue Physical Color Grading™.

However, wherever possible, HERO HAIR employs specific strategic construction approaches, methodologies, and materials for our cosplay clientele, allowing us to reduce the price significantly. The result is an actual motion picture-quality production piece at a fraction of what we would charge for virtually identical wears for the professional entertainment industry, which have requirements specific for the camera not applicable to their cosplay-piece cousins.


Examples of how we reduce your price:



Our custom wefts add volume and thickness to the mane, where we typically otherwise hand-ventilate (tie) those large coverage areas for film and TV pieces at a substantial cost in labor. HERO HAIR creates wefts by hand-sewing hair to a horizontal strip of tightly wound rope, then hand-sewing these hair sections into the wig's foundation.


Our more extended (cosplay division) wig lengths almost universally incorporate these custom-made wefts, used to fill out the body where scalp detail is not required, past (behind) the hairline perimeter, rather than our artists providing a time and budget-consuming complete hand-ventilation of the entire piece. However, while this protocol is a cost-saving measure, it is NOT in any way a reduction in our efforts or quality- weft making is also time-consuming, an arduous task in and of itself. Further, wefts are also often used in professional jobs within the motion picture & television industry, so, even here, with the incorporation of wefts in your custom wig as a substantial cost-saving measure, it is still a legitimate application of our film & TV work, translated to our cosplay-client jobs.


We should note that shorter wigs (such as classic medium-to-short men's hairstyles, women's pixie cuts, etc.) are almost impossible to incorporate wefts after a certain length and, in most cases, barring rare design aspects that allow it otherwise, must be completely hand-ventilated. Thus, we cannot practically use this cost-cutting measure for virtually 50%-70% of our cosplay jobs, even if we wish to.

So, where do we find other ways to reduce your price?


HD (high definition) synthetics, exclusive to HERO HAIR in cosplay and our studio one of the few using them in motion pictures & television, are a relatively new technology. HD synthetics appear, function, and, in many cases, even feel nearly identical or close to natural human hair. First-generation synthetic fibers debuted into use in the global wig industry in the 1960s, substantially reducing the cost of a personal piece to the general public at large and allowing a whole new world of personal expression in one's appearance without the stratospheric costs involved in crafting a hand-made wig, or hairpiece made of natural human hair.

However, these original synthetics were generally of poorer quality due to the day's technology and soundly rejected by the entertainment industry. They presented the inability to be styled appropriately with the tools of the trade, and their overall aesthetic "fakeness," they exhibited, at the time, when photographed under hot stage lights for the camera, making them unacceptable to most wig makers of the era across the board.


HD synthetics came on to the scene only a few years ago and have begun a slow entrance into the industry, typically used for falls and extensions, but also, now, in the hybridization of full wigs, with human and synthetic working in concert together for a successful illusion. This new hybrid aesthetic and its emergence into the entertainment industry mainstream is directly due to HERO HAIR's efforts in their general introduction as a viable evolution of cost reduction through practical application on real Hollywood productions such as 20th Century Studios' "The Greatest Showman," AMC's "Dispatches From Elsewhere," and AppleTV+'s "Dickinson."


 The proving ground for a successfully achieved human hair/HD synthetic hybrid wig (with the HD synthetics comprising much of the body, and human hair for all forward areas past the mid-crown, into the temples, nape, and full frontal hairline reveal), however, like much of our studio's nearly decade-long footprint, was pioneered, tested and practically applied, over several years, under our cosplay division, and has served our clients well as another way to make motion picture & television quality wigs attainable to the masses, and the Cosplayer's long-term goals; existing in the skins of their heroes.

There is, in fact, a common misconception that simply because a wig features "all human hair," it is, by definition, a "good wig," where this could not be further from the truth. Human hair does not in and of itself make a good wig. A good wig makes a good wig.


Let it be stated, however, despite this fact, that human hair, while being extremely and ever-increasingly expensive, will always be the optimal choice for wig making. This preference is because it is human, thus hyper-real for the human illusion. Such hyper-realism is what the wig industry will always prefer to achieve, and human hair to use whenever possible due to its naturally hard-wired believability in appearance, movement, and density, and its time-tested reliability under countless applications for film, tv, and even everyday life.


As we have demonstrated, however, HD synthetics, becoming better and better in quality and in their ever-increasing ability to accept the heat, and on-camera or even close-up believability in their mimicry (illusion) of life, have begun to find their place in film and television production, and beyond. So, even with their extensive use by HERO HAIR, under our cosplay division, specifically to lower our prices for those clients, we have also incorporated them into some of our most notable motion picture & television jobs.


So, the point almost becomes another moot for this discussion. Again, this (a price-reduction protocol by HERO HAIR, used where possible) is NOT a reduction in our efforts or quality. Regardless, there ARE some limitations inherent to HD synthetics that prohibit their use under our cosplay division and where they would otherwise provide that significant price reduction...

Where we delve into the realm of shorter wigs, they again are almost impossible to incorporate one of our price reduction methods.HD synthetics will also, unfortunately, almost universally refuse to take custom dyes successfully. In both instances, and, in most cases, barring, again, rare design aspects that allow them otherwise, we must use natural human hair. These realities are another example of where we cannot consistently use a cost-cutting measure for virtually 50% of our cosplay jobs.


HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™-

The examples and points we have made here are that while we make an effort to bring down the Cosplayer's price to a substantial degree, wherever we are able, in many instances, it is simply impossible. Even with the 'trade-off' of the examples above, of what price-reduction protocols we have in play and can draw from roughly less than half the time, creatively, to keep the client's costs down, it is still a massive loss for us around these courtesies. They can't always be applied, and even when they are, we at least frequently utilize the same protocols in our film and TV jobs, making the discussion pretty much moot.


In reality, you're getting an $8,000.00-$10,000.00 movie-wig for an average of below $1,995.00.

Where HERO HAIR can't bring down the price, which is, frankly, everywhere where these things are concerned, compared to what it actually costs to make them, and certainly what we charge in motion pictures & television, we must absorb it, taking the financial hit for the greater good. Our mission is, and always has been, to make our custom film & TV pieces budgetary-attainable for the dedicated Cosplayer on their hero's journey. 


We don't want to give away our services, and we have to make a living, and in charging our "full" prices for our professional motion picture & television jobs, we do. Because those jobs do necessitate a higher order of work and work effort in most regards (supplies and materials alone, not to mention the hundreds of hours of labor) where price breaks really can't even be approached beyond a few "friend rates" we give sparingly to a few studios, actors, or productions we may have worked with repeatedly, or regularly, over the long-haul. 


That said, our movie and TV side is frankly what allows us to do (pays for) our cosplay side. And we are fortunate to have that luxury. Our cosplay division, however, is a costly investment, and sacrifice to offer to the public, going far beyond the fabrication and delivery of your custom piece by our studio, stratospheric in cost alone, with our comprehensive additional support services going well past the primary commission and delivery of your custom cosplay piece into what we call "The REEL Wig Experience™. These exclusive services are available from no other custom cosplay wig & facial hair studio on Earth and, in some cases, not even to our professional Hollywood productions, paid for or not. 


What client-crewing services happen to mirror between our two distinct divisions (are offered to both) are paid for at high cost by our motion picture & television clients, whereas our cosplay clients receive those services for FREE. With these beyond-the-sale services, HERO HAIR's exclusive cosplay client-crewing includes, but is not limited to the following-


1. Your custom piece's application, wear, and de-wigging & storage training for the cosplay client as a new professional-level owner and wearer (exclusive and FREE to our cosplay clients, this is a value of what would amount under our professional entertainment industry hourly rates to approximately $85.00 per hour).


2. HERO HAIR's unlimited, FREE annual REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING™ maintenance (and/or repairs) servicing for the lifetime of your custom pieces (a job we charge as much as $700.00 per piece in the professional entertainment industry, after every wear of the custom piece for the next day's filming).


3. Complete lace and perimeter hairline "re-fronting" (replacement/re-ventilation) of your custom piece after multiple years of (careful) wear ( a $3,000.00 value we charge for identical film and television jobs).


4. Our studio's exclusive LIVE, in-person, or virtual crewing, and real-time, on-call status of you in cosplay during your most important conventions, photoshoots, or appearances while wearing our custom works (the equivalent of our team being on-set crewing our actors in our custom pieces, within the hair & makeup department, this values at our industry hourly rate at another approximately $700.00 per day/session).

Let's put it this way- what other wig studio do you know that gets up and on with you at 3:00 AM (our time), on Zoom, or FaceTime, to go through your hair prep, wig application, and, finally, your "last-looks" touch-ups throughout the day, checking your pictures on the con floor to make sure you are picture-perfect, among everything else we just listed? 




HERO HAIR was built almost entirely on social media; specifically Instagram. 


Years before we created a functional website, Instagram was our official introduction to the world of mainstream cosplay and cosplayers and remains, to this day, nearly nine years later, our most robust and preferred social media platform. With the evolution of social media into a multiple-platform reality, including TikTok, Facebook, Reels, Discord, etc., HERO HAIR has kept up, mining those avenues of exposure for our brand, with more effort in their cultivation going into 2023. 


Even with our well-known LIVE, in-person interactive booth and client crewing exhibitions at Comic Cons around the country, and HERO HAIR often sponsoring numerous conventions and many of their cosplay competitions for exposure, social media was always the primary route seen as the most successful in reaching our audience. Our mission continues from where it began, the elevation of wigs out of the Uncanny Valley into the realm of hyper-realism and believability. It happens to be the same mission for us in the world of motion pictures & television. Though we wish the entertainment industry would listen as carefully as Cosplayers do to the message.


Our business model continues to be one of the most time-tested…" proof of concept," establishing a reputation and brand identity by getting exceptional wigs & facial hair onto one person (onto one head) at a time, allowing the pictures speak a thousand words. We do this not by using "models," but those actual clients with whom we directly work, depicted in our creations as our brand's inherent, organic advertisement.

Where we"Crown YourCosplay™.

HERO HAIR alone posting a picture on social media of one of our clients wearing our creations, even with our respectable 10K -plus followers has a limited reach. A HERO HAIR client; whether with with 100, or 100K followers, posting their cosplay images featuring our custom pieces, however, allows us to take advantage of that exposure, and in return, cross-promote the client in reposts and shares on a potentially MASSIVE combined scale. 


This cross-promotion increases the incalculable odds of not only significant, to stratospheric exposure for our studio's contribution to the client's creative vision, but that of the mutual partnership between us for their brand's identity as well.

Our studio maintains a robust cosplay-client roster of nearly 250 worldwide, and growing. HERO HAIR has clients across the globe from as far as Italy, Australia, Germany, the UK, and even Denmark, to Mexico and Hawaii, and beyond. We are talking about the potential of millions of views around a single post by a HERO HAIR client (yes, it's happened).

Heredirectly below, is how we are able to risk the sacrifice

of lowering our motion picture & television prices by the thousands of dollars we do for our esteemed cosplay clients...








Tag & Credit_01.jpg

This is all we ask; the inclusion of HERO HAIR's tag, and official "screen credit" EVERY time you post an image or video to ANY of the social media accounts you use while appearing in our custom wears, and the basic allowances of the use of your likeness as our cosplay client for our brand, for our contribution to your creative vision and our ability, in turn, through our extended care of you after the sale, to demonstrate our successful collaboration through our cross-promotion of yours. 

Aside from some small, but important additional responsibilities on your part in how your wigs & facial hair must be properly lace-cleaned, and re-blocked and stored by you between their annual refreshing by our studio, That's really about it. 

Tag & CORRECTLY credit us in EVERY post while wearing our custom pieces.

Clean your lace and re-block your wigs as we have demonstrated upon delivery,

between each wear and HERO HAIR's refreshing.


And allow us to repost, share, and use your imagery, while wearing our custom pieces

for the promotion of HERO HAIR,

and the cross-promotion of you, the Cosplayer, in the process. 


You've gone through a lot of information, and there is a bit more to come around this agreement below, where we will get more into the specifics around our three asks above in return for our exclusive client-crewing services after the sale. But because you've invested so much time reading this, let us let you in on a dirty little Hollywood secret to make things even more direct as to why our credit is so critical. In today's production reality, wig and facial hair makers are among the very few (if not some of the only) highly trained, top-skilled artists NOT regularly visible in the screen-credits for their work in motion pictures & television.


No, we're not kidding. The Producers deliberately fight us on it. How do we know this so specifically? Because we face it on every single job we are involved with. Every. Single. Job.


Unless we told you ourselves, you wouldn't know what we've worked on and which actor we've built a wig for. Which, of course, we do. And you can go to our motion picture & television website for those details.


Shocking, right? We agree. It isn't very respectful. And part of our mission in film and television, beyond fixing the almost uniformly unsuccessful visual quality (hard-edged or CGI-blurred weirdo-hairlines anyone?) and uncanny valley reality of many modern wigs that permeate today's cinema, is to change that reality. An official screen credit is, in fact, in our "deal" (contract) whenever we submit our invoice after working for weeks, sometimes months, on a film, TV, or streaming show; and yet we have still been directly told by a producer, "if we you give you a credit, we have to give one to everybody." How nice. This occurs even when HERO HAIR is physically on-set, working with the hair & makeup department (HMU) and actors directly. 


Have wig makers ever been credited in the closing crawl? Yes. We have. Universally. But somewhere, about 25 years ago, that all started to change. And it is patently absurd. And we will give you a peek below at the actual section of our entertainment industry contract, sent with our invoices to every major motion picture & television/streaming show, directly addressing this topic…

The inclusion of HERO HAIR's official screen credit.


HERO HAIR requests the following, under our deal, in return for the above work from our studio… 


The dedicated promotion of our brand by the production client crediting us for our work and our critical contribution to the actor's transformative illusion for the camera around the other credited departments.  


From "Mr. Ford's physical conditioning by Body By Jake" to "Catering Services Provided By," a contributing entity to the motion picture or television production has long-valued the inclusion of their screen credit throughout cinema history. With HERO HAIR, your production is not merely hiring an unnamed vendor, unattached to the shoot, supplying their wares, but a fully staffed orbital-adjunct department dedicated to successfully creating a seamless illusion for your actor and their role on the silver and home-theater screens.


The precedent for the custom wig maker's inclusion in cinema's closing credits, from legends such as the late Paul Huntley to Marciel Corneville, is long-standing and time-honored, going back to some of the earliest productions of Hollywood's golden age.


The actor's close-up is a film or TV show's most coveted shot. The actor's hair or wig can focus 50% of that frame. 


Like those wig masters before us, having a physical hand in the creation of virtually half of the actor's physical transformation into character in such coveted shots, or 30 feet from the camera, HERO HAIR appreciates the recognition of our work, no matter how brief a time spent working physically, or technically on the production, placed in the closing credits, amongst our peers, for the successful creation of our contribution to the actor's visual appearance.

In the early days of cinema, through to the early 1990s, a physical screen credit cost a substantial rate to create and include practically (physically, by hand), added during post-production. In today's digital production pipeline, a standard closing crawl, or end flash-credit, costs virtually nothing to plug into the edit template. We appreciate the allocation of our preferred end-credit options below for the formal recognition of our successful work on your motion picture, television or streaming production.


While your production's crediting design may understandably differ, we have listed our suggested visual and categorical options to follow. Whatever your protocols, we appreciate being credited for our contribution to the production, and thank you in advance."

And then, after listing a few simple options of how our credit might reasonably appear (Custom Wigs By HERO HAIR™/ Selected Custom Wigs By HERO HAIR™, etc., depending on the job and out of respect to any other wig studios that might be involved), we go further; we actually give them a physical screen-grab from one of the last films to traditionally feature a formal wig maker's screen credit as an example, Radical Media's production of "The Cell," Starring Jennifer Lopez.

Like so...

flare website 5.png
The Cell credits.jpg

Even beyond a business model, though that is our discussion, it is our position that crediting one's work matters. Just like you crediting your cosplay photographer, your costume maker or your makeup artist, or even when all those things happen to be you (an example of the latter would be the cosplay legend Alyson Tabitha- she is one of those rare cosplay artists that makes EVERYTHING herself, including her wigs), it is respectfully critical to the artist(s).


Who knows, if the movie producers credited us, maybe they'd get a break from us too (no, not really, that ship has sailed. They don't get any breaks at this point).


I, myself, have screen credits in film and television spanning more than 30 years from my former life as an industry storyboard artist and director of animation. So when I tell you I know the importance of exposure to get future work simply by someone crediting for prior work history, understand that the position is also quite personal. I have my hands all over your wigs, gang. Hairline and growth plotting, styling, and photography and presentation of them all fall under my department as Creative Director and screen-accuracy officer for HERO HAIR. I coined the term "Screen-Accurate" over 30 years ago in the world of every fandom.


We have a team of artists including my partner, Erin Kennedy Lunsford, HERO HAIR's Founder & Head Wig Designer/ IATSE Local 798 Motion Picture & Television Dept. Head Hair and Key Hairstylist/ Head Of Faculty Of Wig And Makeup Design And Technology For The Theater School At DePaul University, Chicago, and an entire group of seasoned core studio colleagues who work their fingers to the bone, each killing themselves to deliver as close to perfection as is humanly possible to our motion picture & television and cosplay clients alike.


The point here, however, is that HERO HAIR gives you, our cosplay clients, specifically, leaps beyond even what we provide through the blood, sweat, and tears required of the exacting physical creation of your custom pieces. We further commit to you as your wig crew for as much, or as little as you desire, so long as we get a few basic things in return for the price break we give only you, and what we do- which is quite literally impossible. We work directly with you in a partnership to make you look better than more than half of The Hollywood stars out there wearing wigs, and we do it mainly through your after-the-sale care, often virtually, not even physically present with you on site.


Where we would be adjusting or quickly re-styling an actor's wig, or beard, sometimes between every single take of a scene in a major motion picture, with our cosplay clients we must shore up our physical work to such a degree that they successfully hold for hours for a con appearance in the wild, with little or no intervention other than your training and your monitoring of your piece through our guidance, and a check-in or two with "last-look" photos for our notes alone.



Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, it begs an obvious question… after all this work, and the herculean investment HERO HAIR makes with every single client, what happens if you forget to tag and credit us? What if you don’t generally, or at all use social media? it’s not like we can get the money for the pieces themselves, and our exclusive after-the-sale client services we invest back?


To cut this kind of deal, we have to have insurance that we can rely upon our Cosplay clients' commitment to the tagging and crediting of our work and, by that act, the promotion of our brand, and at least the basic use of their likeness in cosplay while wearing our custom pieces as we have described.  We have, in fact, on more than one occasion missed out on the exposure of a client going either viral or even super-viral while wearing our custom pieces in their cosplay, for lack of our requested tag and credit for our contribution included in the post.


Again, we're talking several millions of views (yes, here is when it happened.)


So, how do we safeguard against those instances of potential lost exposure? A particular TOS, or Terms Of Service, lays out the entire cross-promotion agreement between our studio and clients. It is here where we must give a limit to, or, in circumstances of repeat failure to tag and credit, unfortunately, cancel our outlying after-the-sale client crewing, as well as our FREE lifetime care and maintenance (our refresh reset & restyling services) of the pieces commissioned entirely.


HERO HAIR's complete TOS Pdf is downloadable below at the bottom of the page; in short, however, while we do not "own" your likeness or your brand, here are the critical points (our three asks from above) in more detail that allows us to cross-promote our clients and benefit from their likeness via their direct promotion of us, and our collaborative contribution to their creative vision in cosplay…

1. Tagging and CORRECTLY crediting our studio and our work in EVERY post you make to your social media, on any platforms you post, while wearing our custom pieces.

2. Allowing HERO HAIR to repost or share those images or videos to our social media accounts, with all original photographer or other credits you have included intact, using our post verbiage, or yours, depending on the purposes or flavor of the post. You can visit our Instagram and scroll around to find numerous, varying reposts or shares by us of our clients and what verbiage we typically employ).

3. Allowing HERO HAIR use of any posted images or videos of you while you are wearing our custom pieces in our online portfolios, live exhibition media, or IP branding (banners, posters, digital or physical flip-books, cards, etc.) on our website(s) or in other related uses.


These can be directly from your social media accounts or our studio-client dealings; these include your official continuity images and video we typically create from the virtual or in-person crowning of your cosplay (the final training & application sessions with our custom pieces applied to you after delivery. Images and video we may pull from our virtual sessions together, or other imagery similar we directly create, such as ads, commercials, or even just a great image video or that may be created by others, where we universally reach out to those photographers for permissions of use of their content) are also used frequently by HERO HAIR to promote ourselves, and in that effort, organically cross-promote our cosplay clients.

4. Lastly, outside of these three main clauses, it is also critically important that we be able to continually cross-promote our clients, often for years to come. Your commitment to annually refreshing your wig with us, l (free for the lifetime of your custom piece) when needed or requested, AND utilizing at least the bare minimum of our free client crewing (virtual, or, when possible, in-person) of your appearances at your conventions, meet-ups, and photo shoots is critical in maintaining the established aesthetics of the Hero hair brand, and your (the client’s) specific illusion in cosplay while in our wears.


What are the bare minimums? Maintaining your responsibilities for proper lace cleaning, re-blocking, and twilling of the custom pieces after each wear according to our training and sending in your custom pieces annually to our studio for their free REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING™ services are the first examples. These efforts keep the appearance, integrity, and longevity of the pieces intact and allow for the continuity to be physically maintained over multiple wears once redelivered to you.


Another key example is to let us know whenever you will be applying your wigs, hairpieces, and facial hair applications, and, just like on an actual movie set, look to us for guidance and success. If we have not been scheduled to be on with you during the process virtually, at least allow us to see the results of your applications by sending a quick “last-looks” image turn-around series so we can assist and make any notes, or provide any last steps to shore things up that might be incorrect, missed, or lacking guidance in your application. 


Some of our clients become experts, applying on their own and checking in with a few quick continuity photos to make sure everything is on-point, while others require repeat training & application sessions, even on the day of an appearance in cosplay, with us directly) Though not a requirement for our client-crewing services, scheduling these sessions with HERO HAIR to be on with you virtually or physically in-person (where possible) for as much or as little help is needed in the process is always the ideal for a picture-perfect result, but we are aware schedules are not always comparable; on both ends. 


It is therefore highly recommended and appreciated that we, as your personal, professional wig-crew, are at least made aware of when you are getting into kit, as it were, where we can be on standby for those last-look photos for our notes or guidance. This small effort alone can guarantee we can fulfill our obligation to you as the client and cross-promote your and our brand successfully in your final cosplay illusion in a seamless collaboration with our studio.


Aside from one set of your final continuity images or video, and general likeness-usage rights as described above, you, as a client, are not required to agree to any of this, friends, to commission a custom piece from our studio. You still get the price break. 


However, for our outlying after-the-sale client crewing and maintenance services, we must be able to be promoted in your tags and credits and to be able to cross-promote you in our wears to reap the benefit of the substantial, herculean efforts we take with you, as an official hero hair cosplayer representing our brand, in your successful, movie-level illusion, after the sale.

***For those of you who do not use social media (for security concerns such as high, or top secret classification, or active military, or for personal reasons), but are a Cosplayer that wants a motion picture-quality wig, hairpiece application, or or facial hair application from HERO HAIR for conventions, photoshoots and meetups, or events, we will send you an adjusted agreement for our FREE after-the-sale services and client-crewing around your upcoming in-person appearances.


This is where you can promote us by handing out our cards, and spreading the word about HERO HAIR by word-of-mouth, and/or, if your identity can be made public, asking those professionally photographing you to please tag and credit us in the posts they make, and let them know we will be contacting them for permissions to share and repost with their credits intact.***






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