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HERO HAIR has completed our move from our long-time location in NYC to the Windy City, Chicago, IL!

Our studio is uniquely fortunate that, with our core team working remotely from their home-ateliers, HERO HAIR's primary studio has successfully completed its long-planned cross-country relocation.

While not business as usual for anyone during these times, we continue to move forward and wish everyone safety, calm, and prosperity as we collectively look toward the future.

For your virtual-cons, cosplay brand photo shoots, and appearances, 35% down secures your spot on our 2023 delivery waiting list, now open.


Please see.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.





UPDATE: Aug. 13th, 2023...In a move nearly 2 years in the making, HERO HAIR has relocated our entire studio operation to the beautiful Gold Coast, Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL!  We will be updating this page soon, sharing images and video of our UNBELIEVABLE new studio, pristinely located on the shores of Lake Michigan, but for now, here's a (soon-to-be-nostalgic) look at were it all started in Brooklyn, NY.  


HERO HAIR is run by Founder /Head Wig Designer ERIN KENNEDY LUNSFORD (IATSE Local 798 Dept. Head Hair & Key Hairstylist, voting member of the Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences, now Head Of Faculty Of Wig And Makeup Design And Technology For The Theater School At DePaul University, Chicago, IL) and Co-Founder/ Creative Director TRAVIS COWSILL


Rotation-staffed by our professional, core creative team, Monday through Friday, with additional team members working satellite for specialized, task-oriented projects, this primary, two-story, converted Brooklyn loft was home to HERO HAIR's television, feature film and cosplay creations since 2015.


The main studio featured full film and television production capabilities, and amenities, and is conveniently located a short distance from the primary production stages (Steiner & Silvercup) in the area.

While we were sad to part ways with our home of nearly a decade, Chicago came calling, and the quality of life elevation of the Windy City was something we could not turn down.

Thank you NYC, for all of it. It was one Helluva a ride.


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 HERO HAIR is the first and only custom wig & facial hair studio with a dedicated cosplay division owned and operated by actual, working television and feature film industry artists. Meet our core team below in their bios! You can also learn about just some of the amazing television and film productions our studio has been fortunate to be a part of by visiting our official MOTION PICTURE & TELEVISION website.

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