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STYLING: Scene-specific hero styling.

HAIR TYPE: Natural human hair, HD (high-definition synthetic, mohair.

HAIR COLOR:  6 custom color variants.

LACE:  HD (high-definition) feature film lace

CONSTRUCTION: Hand-ventilated (tied).

OVERVIEW: With a total fabrication time of more than 90 hours, this custom wig, as with all of HERO HAIR's custom pieces, features, both, our exclusive HERO-Hairline™- the hyper-accurate, faithfully reproduced hairline of the original subject or source reference, and Hair-Directional Growth-Pattern Plotting™, a process whereby the rudimentary bubble-shell, and client hairline perimeter tracing, produced from the head-wrap procedure, are translated beyond the expected norms of a traditional pad-out into a highly detailed, expressly plotted, natural hair-growth and directional blueprint beneath the custom foundation.

You can learn about both of these details, watching our in-depth, behind-the-scenes video explaining our process, by clicking HERE.


Scene specific, screen-accurate final styling of the wig (seen here, before shipping to the client, stabilized on its own wig-block, and sent in our exclusive, hard-shell custom transportation & storage case) completes the illusion of a virtually perfect reproduction of the actor's hair, directly off the silver screen.

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