HERO HAIR builds a maximum of fifty (50) custom wigs per year, under our custom cosplay division, each taking 6-months to create and deliver. We have moved into pre-production spots open for our second-half of 2021 deliveries.

HERO HAIR creates state-of-the-art, HD (high definition) camera-quality custom wigs, hairpiece applications, and facial hair applications for feature film & television within the standard industry pricing system, with costs adjusted for labor, materials, and the specific design aesthetic and mechanical considerations of the build. These prices can reach tens of thousands of dollars. 


The prices for the custom pieces HERO HAIR creates for film & television production, however, are different from our prices for our cosplay clientele, which are a fraction of the price we charge for the professional entertainment industry, without sacrificing the integrity of our efforts or the quality of our work.

While our professional film & television pieces are state-of-the-art for that industry, so too are our custom cosplay pieces created for our character re-creation artist clients. Visually, virtually indistinguishable from the other, both our feature film & television custom pieces, AND our custom cosplay division pieces feature our exclusive HERO-Hairline™, Hair Directional Growth Pattern plotting™, and TRUE-Hue Physical Color Grading™.

The core difference between the two types of pieces we produce (film & TV vs. Cosplay), under our two separate divisions, are in undetectable, strategic construction protocols and methodologies, exclusive to our studio, which allows for as close to a true motion picture quality production piece as is possible for our cosplay clientele, yet at a fraction of the price of what we charge for the professional entertainment industry, which has specific requirements for the camera not applicable to their cosplay-piece cousins.

But this is only one of the ways HERO HAIR is able to bring our prices down within reach of the Cosplayer's budget- the use of cutting-edge, HD (high definition) synthetics, exclusive to our studio, which look, feel and function like natural hair, in hybridization with natural human hair incorporated at key strategic areas of the hairline and perimeter reveal, for a seamless blend, and main-body coverage-wefting, vs. fully ventilated hair, cuts more than half the cost of your custom piece, without visible differences between those we create at full cost for the entertainment industry.

Finally, your price is brought down even further by your contribution to our studio's efforts in your transformative illusion with "The HERO HAIR Commitment," our full cross-promotion platform on social media with our clients, our #officialherohaircosplayers, tagging & crediting our studio in every post they make while wearing our custom pieces, and our reciprocal shares and reposts of them on ours.

The below PDF document, our HERO HAIR CWIR (Custom Wig Inquiry Reply), revised for 2021, is customized and sent to the potential cosplay client, upon receiving an inquiry, and explains, in specific detail, our prices, methodologies, and our full range of exclusive client-care services.


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