HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience  is the world’s first and ONLY custom cosplay wig company made up of WORKING motion picture & television industry, and Broadway stage professionals.

We are devoted SOLELY to the art of custom cosplay wig creation. Here are the artisans who make up the core team of HERO HAIR.


Erin Kennedy Lunsford

IATSE Local 798


Head Wig Designer & Fabricator



Erin is a well known, highly sought after designer for feature film, television and the Broadway stage, whose wig and hair credits 

have included Adam DriverMicheal J. FoxKeanu ReevesKatie

HolmesAcademy Award winners Robert RedfordAngela 

Lansbury and Academy Award  Nominee Kathleen Turner, amongst many other legendary Hollywood names. 


On and off-Broadway, Erin has designed and built wigs professionally for over a decade and personally run several notable stage productions, as well as designed such shows as the Off-Broaday production "Brooklynite": A Super New Musical (The Vinyard Theater), "Old Hats” (The Signature Theater) & "Hairspray" at the Syracuse Stages. Amongst her work to date, Erin was also co-creator and designer of the LIVE Special FX fight make-up for the smash hit musical "ROCKY Broadway”, executive produced by Sylvester Stallone.


She was also one of the eliete team of wig & beard-specialists responsible for the one and only "RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL: Christmas Spectacular" Santa Claus.


In film and television, Erin's wig & hair credits include, but are not limited to, Oddities Hairstylist for 20th Century Fox's "The Greatest Showman" starring Hugh jackman (for which HERO HAIR built 6 of the featured Oddities performance wigs), key hairstylist for the Hulu series, "The Looming Tower",  starring Jeff Daniels ( for which HERO HAIR built the principal photography wig for actor Michael Stuhlbarg as Richard Clarke) co-key wig and hairstylist on Martin Scorsese's rock & roll series, “VINYL”, co-Executive Produced by Mick Jagger, Day-play hairstylist for MARVEL and Sony Pictures SPIDERMAN: Homecoming", and key hairstylst on ABC's "The Family" starring Joan Allen.


Most recently, Erin finished a nearly 9 month stint as Key Hairstylist for the production run of Showtime’s "ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA, starring Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, Paul Dano and and Eric Lange, directed by Ben Stiller.




Alyssa Battersby

IATSE Local 798

Color Application Specialist, Ventilation Master &

Wig Historian



Alyssa is a well known, EXCEPTIONALLY skilled ventilation artist ( hair follicle hand-placement, tying & wig construction) and Broadway & off-Broadway wig designer (and historian) in NYC, currently in her 3rd year on the New York show scene, after studying under Erin (our founder) for the last nearly a decade. 

Alyssa is also our highly skilled master color specialist, responsible for the custom dying and hand applying of every shade of the rainbow, and beyond, as seen throughout our custom wig portfolios.


She was personally trained out of UMI by founder Erin kennedy Lunsford and has worked with her on several productions including "Hairspray" at the Syracuse Stages and "ROCKY Broadway”, as well as several upcoming television and feature film productions.


Alyssa is currently on the wig & hair-swing and day-play roster in and around the production scene in New York. 



Kelly Reed

IATSE Local 798

Lead Wig Stylist &

Cut Supervisor



Kelly brings to HERO HAIR a collective 30 years in the wig and entertainment industries.

Her vast credits include, but are not limited to, separate productions at the Shakespeare Theater Company in Washington DC, the First National Tour of 42nd Street,  First National Tour of Disney’s "Mary Poppins", Broadway companies including "42nd St", "Bombay Dreams", "Phantom of the Opera""Anything Goes" and "The Glass Menagerie".


She also spent 2 full seasons at Saturday Night Live as a lead skit wig stylist, as well as hairdresser to Horatio Sanz and Will Ferrell

Kelly also worked in the wig and hair department, along side founder Erin Kennedy Lunsford, on Martin Scorsese's rock & roll series, “VINYL” for HBO.

Kelly currently works in the wig and hair department, in the motion picture & television industry, in and around New York, and across the nation. Her role at HERO HAIR cannot be underestimated.  

Dan Heisey

Client Relations Liasion &

Exhibition Manager



Dan is most known for his work as a Cosplayer within the rebel legion, as a well known protocol robot, where she he has played that signature character for years, as well as others within the franchise you have to see to believe.


Dan came to HERO HAIR, originally, as a client, seeking a custom wig for one of his display pieces. He soon after answered our nation-wide call for apprenticeships and, almost immediately, became one of the key new voices of our company. So key were his immediate contributions and efforts, that we christened him the official liaison to our ever growing roster of clients.  


 Dan was also responsible for many of the conceptual upgrades to our new nation-wide, interactive, custom wig exhibition booth, which premiered for the first time, in its all new form, at Awesome Con 2018.

He  is a valued, talented and already irreplaceable member of the HERO HAIR team. Want to reach out to us about crowing your cosplay with a HERO HAIR custom wig? This is the man you will first be dealing with, and you are in excellent hands.


Just ask his friend.


His duties also encompass publicity and marketing and representation of HERO HAIR to investors, cosplayers for cross promotion and PR to the media. In the wig department, Travis provides key oversight and all final approval of character/Cosplay wig continuity and design as chief screen accuracy officer ( as a master prop and costume accuracy consultant of nearly as long, Travis is the person directly responsible for coining the phrase "screen accurate" itself as early as 1990 in Fangoria magazine) of all product fabrication (wig building to styling) and final approves nearly all projects going in and out of our two New York studios.




Travis Cowsill

Co-Founder &

Creative Director



Travis is a well known multimedia/multi-medium artist, and a Cosplayer of 30 years.


A Veteran 25 year Story Artist for Television and Feature Film animation houses from Disney to Warner Bros & Marvel, who has worked the full range of animation positions on shows ranging from "Johnny Bravo" to "Ed, Edd n' Eddy" "The Venture Bros.", as well as a veteran at the original Don Bluth Animation and Director at the prestigious former animation powerhouse, Studio B Productions (Now DHX Media), he now commits his vast array of talents to HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience (tm) under several hats.

First and foremost, co-founder of HERO HAIR itself with his Partner ERIN KENNEDY LUNSFORD. 


In addition to having a direct supervisory role of all wig and hair visual design implimentation (and screen accuracy) Travis is also directly responsible for all visual aspects of THE HERO HAIR brand; from product and site photography and creation, to full video production, image editing, and our entire platform of content creation on our social media, from Instagram to Facebook and beyond.



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