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Screen-Accurate Custom wig Creation From HERO HAIR

#saturdaynight camera focus with HERO HAIR’s Custom Cosplay Wig & Facial Hair Division, and an all-new #behindthescenes look of one of our studio’s newest, client-commissioned, screen accurate, HD (high definition) film-lace, custom reproduction wigs, “THE LONE SCOUNDREL: Episode V Variant,” hand-fabricated & styled by our studio.

All of our screen-accurate custom pieces (from wigs to facial hair) feature our trademarked “HERO-Hairline™️”- the hyper-accurate, faithfully reproduced hairlines of the original actor(s) or source reference. In this case, actor Harrison Ford.

HERO HAIR client/ #officialherohaircosplayer @dirtyjerztrooper (on Instagram).

IN VIDEO: HERO HAIR Co-founders Erin & Travis walk you through some of the in-progress details of this iconic visage.

STUDIO CREDITS: Also on Instagram...

Exceptional ventilation (tying) by HERO HAIR team member @facesbyfrie

Custom wefting & foundation construction by HERO HAIR team member @djshmary1half

Screen-cut & styling by HERO HAIR team member @kaitlinjaime


80% of our world-wide clients have been trained virtually, since 2015, via LIVE, remote video, to apply, basically maintain, de-wig and re-block/store their custom pieces, between our studio’s annual FREE refreshing services.

This exclusive training is provided (only) by our team of in-house specialists, directly involved in your custom piece’s creation, taking place over 1-on-1, personalized, unlimited sessions.


******************ABOUT US******************


Only HERO HAIR exclusively provides our clients with LIFETIME, UNLIMITED, wig support; from your first meeting with us over your initial, FREE video consultation, to your first fitting and crowning (application), to virtual-crewing you on-call, no matter where you are in the world. 🌏




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