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Wig Makers Reacting To Good VS Bad Wigs In Movies & TV

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

HERO HAIR is coming to Youtube with our all-new series, 🎥...”WIG MAKERS’ WATCH”! (tm)

The premise is simple... Actual wig & facial hair-makers, in film and television, watch and react to successful and unsuccessful wigs & facial hair ON film and television.

Through free-form commentary, and, always respectful critique, HERO HAIR will attempt to lift the curtain on one of the least understood aspects of our craft in production. Our mission: elevate the art by examination and discussion of what went clearly right, and what possibly went wrong (in our opinion) with wigs and facial hair, in every genre, of the small and silver screen, throughout their histories up to present day.

From perfectly executed wig-builds, styling & color, and absolute realism on screen, to not so perfect examples of wigs and facial hair that fall into the dreaded realm of the uncanny valley, we’ll take a no-holds-barred look at some of the most famous rugs in the business, and even wigs you didn’t realize were wigs at all!

Join us March 2020 on our official Youtube channel, @ Official Hero Hair, for an inside look at one of the most critical aspects of the actor’s physical illusion for camera, and learn what makes a triumph, and, sometimes, a tragedy (where no one’s immune, not even US😉).

Whether a triumph or tragedy, our show serves as an honest spotlight on wigs in film and TV that we hope serves to elevate the craft of wig and facial hair creation in the 21st century, and beyond, while and it entertains and educates our followers along the way.

HERO HAIR’s first official #Youtube series is coming...DETAILS SOON!

WIG MAKERS’ WATCH & “We’re ready to de-wig you!” TM & (c) HERO HAIR 2020.

Our Youtube channel is Official Hero Hair.

COVID_19 Update- Due to the global impact of the Coronavirus, production on our Youtube series has been placed in temporary production hiatus until August/September, 2020.

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