HERO HAIR conducts our custom cosplay wig panels at Cons across the country!

The below link will take you to one of our recorded 5-minute openings of our nation-wide custom cosplay wig panels & cosplay wig educational seminars, via our Youtube channel.



Two to four (2-4) times a year, at Comic Cons around the country, the HERO HAIR production team takes their educational platform on the road, and conducts 1-hour, in-depth cosplay wig panels with YOU, the Cosplayer who wants to elevate their cosplays with a wig that matches the level of the costume build itself!


HERO HAIR answers your *questions about custom cosplay wigs, wigs in television and film, talks about the custom wigs currently in production for our Cosplayer clients at the HERO HAIR studios, demonstrates our custom wigs LIVE on our Cosplayer clients, and fields any questions you may have about cosplay wigs in general, such as why you might be dealing with issues with your current cosplay wig, like wig headache, incorrect placement of the hairline distance on the forehead from the eye-line, and proper wig prep and capping for your #transformativeillusion, no matter what wig you currently use for your most important cosplays. 

*In certain exceptions,  HERO HAIR will not comment on general wig inquiries where it comes to improving the construction of an existing wig from other companies online.

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