HERO HAIR doesn't just build our client’s custom wigs and facial hair, we also make sure you look picture perfect with our full-range of FREE, professional, magazine-level photo and video editing services. Open the sample gallery below of just some of our actual HERO HAIR client photo-edits, then scroll down for the complete list of our FREE, lifetime, professional editing services for your cosplay photos in our custom wigs and facial hair.



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DISCLAIMER: All HERO HAIR client-photos below have been used with explicit permission by the client, photographer (or both) and/or owner of the likeness within the image depicted, and no infringement of photography image-rights have been intended. If you would like more information about the photos below, our process and permissions protocols, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at inquiries@herohair.com


receive the following, full-range of FREE support services

with every HERO HAIR custom cosplay Wig & Facial Hair Application.

The below listed services, except where indicated,

are absolutely *FREE, over the LIFETIME of your custom wig,

hairpiece application or facial hair application

from our studio.


HERO HAIR: Cosplay Wigs for the Serious Adventurer is the world’s first and ONLY custom cosplay wig company run by motion picture & television industry, and Broadway stage professionals. All statements made herein are the sole opinion of HERO HAIR, and do not reflect the views or opinions of anyone else throughout the known universe.

HERO HAIR reserves the right to curtail (or cancel) our client care and services, under our TOS, at any time, and on a case by case basis.

In edition to our lifetime, FREE custom wig maintenance (REFRESH, RE-SET & RE-STYLING services) with every HERO HAIR custom wig or facial hair application created by our studio, every HERO HAIR client also receives a 25% discount on their first professional cosplay photo-shoot with the photographer of their choice, and our FREE, professional, full photo & video editing services for their online stores, patreons and more.




HERO HAIR commits a great deal of effort into the final look of your custom piece crowning your cosplay. This includes extensive color research and development, and screen-matching of our multi-tone hair to the original source reference ( from film, television comics and more), giving you a fully screen accurate reproduction custom wig.


We care about that work making it physically, and accurately, into your final photos and you looking as vibrant, and true to life, as possible, against a wide array of photography variables we constantly watch for as professional editors as well. Even the best raw photos from some of the most renowned photographers in the industry can sometimes be affected by adverse conditions in cosplay photography… some examples would be the all dreaded con-lighting, or someone moving into the background of an otherwise perfect image capture.


The same can be said for an otherwise amazing iPhone shot, a candid moment that really shows off the work you’ve put into your transformative illusion, and that can be used as a fantastic photograph, yet suffers from adverse external conditions at the time of photography such as insufficient or aesthetically unappealing lighting, the smart phone's ambient light-adjust auto-set, color loss or incorrect color or temperature/hue values, or people, or, again,  objects in your shot pulling the attention away from the subject (you).


HERO HAIR features a full range of professional image and video editing services, done on-site in our studio, personally, by our co-founder & creative director who spent more than 25 years as a professional motion picture and television industry visual artist, with, a then, more than 15 years of professional photo and visual FX editing under his belt.


All clients have the option of a complete edit directly from your photographer's raw images, or re-working of your pre-edited photos (with photographer's permission) or smart device (phone) captures, in order to bring out their true values, exactly as they would appear to the naked eye, caught at the moment, with no automatic filtering, done by completely deconstructing each image in multiple layers and editing them, one at a time, in concert with the other, giving us maximum control over the final result. 


These edits can be as subtle as a quick color or lighting adjustment, to a full re-coloring and re-lighting of the entire image or scene, people or background-object removal and/or a full custom FX pass, according to the clients wishes, and are completely photorealistic, never looking fake, and recreating your moment in the most spectacular way imaginable.


The following full range of photo and video editing services are offered to every HERO HAIR custom wig and facial hair client, free of charge, for the lifetime of their custom pieces from our studio…




Whether it's an indoor or outdoor shoot, daytime or night, HERO HAIR will restore your images natural color values to your photos, usually affected during photography by adverse conditions such as con-lighting ( those dreaded indoor overheads that affect two primary color values in of nearly every photo we’ve ever seen at Comic Con- Blue and Green). Con-lighting, and even most natural lighting, under general photography, inherently removes virtually all readily visible blue hues, and adds a substantial amount of green to most photos. We restore those levels to their base-line norms, as well as perform an additional full color-value re-mapping, in order to re-create what would be as close to the image's true to life colors as possible had those conditions not been present, and, as if the image were shot in natural, clean light (always the truest depiction of color in any photograph-though even there there are adjustments to be made), no matter the set-up of the original shoot, extreme aperture/exposure, color settings or artistic vision (always respected) of the original photographer and their work (never removed, only the nominal values of the subject, against our studio control images are used to normalize their values, and only by request).




Your cosplay photos are about one thing…YOU. As such, HERO HAIR implements our exclusive SUBJECT FOCAL PROMINENCE pass to every image we edit (whether from your photographer or ours) . This is why all of the subjects in our edited photos POP, almost as if coming off the photograph. This trademarked, believable, consciously imperceptible editing protocol creates a stronger subtle visual prominence of you, the Cosplayer, within your images, without need of depth of field ( though we do that as well where aesthetically pleasing), or FX. It’s all done within the photograph itself. 




HERO HAIR edits our client photos (whether from your photographer or ours) to present the moment, exactly as it was originally captured, and doesn’t use filters, nor, over-use FX (effects). Instead, we effort to present the most vivid, realistic depiction of the instant the photo shutter snapped…and then push the limits of making that instant as beautiful, within real world rules, as possible. We do, however, get requests from our clients to addd photo-realistic, production level visual FX to some of their images and photo shoots. This can include digital removal of background elements such as people in frame, or the addition of photo-realistic FX like weather elements, lighting FX, and even smoke or energy (plasma/lasers, etc.).



HERO HAIR edits our client photos (whether from your photographer or ours) to present the most true-to-life results possible of you in your cosplay, and our custom wigs and facial hair they have been crowned with. In editing, we do not believe in the typical skin-filters or overly photoshopped surface smoothing of the skin and pores, so common in todays photography and smart device imagery. Filters or over-use of smoothing or blurring FX (effects) to remove skin surface detail creates what is commonly known as the uncanny valley, and is something we go to great  lengths to avoid.


Instead, we effort to preserve the most natural, realistic depiction of the subject, within real world rules, with only the most basic of re-touching implemented in editing and only where absolutely necessary in circumstances such as blemish removal, skin tone/color surface-evening (caused by adverse lighting or shadows, or medical conditions, etc. where the skin can look blotchy)  or slight makeup (such as flaked eyeliner onto the cheek, smudged lipstick, etc.) or other subtle surface fixes where needed.


In professional editing, the golden rule is less-is-more.


Remember, these services are free to our clients, and our pleasure to make you shine online.

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