The cost of a HERO HAIR custom wig, facial hair or hairpiece application

HERO HAIR: Cosplay Wigs for the Serious Adventurer is the world’s first and ONLY custom cosplay wig company run by motion picture & television industry, and Broadway stage professionals.

HERO HAIR creates (HD) quality, SCREEN ACCURATE, feature film-grade lace front custom cosplay wigs and facial hair (full beards/ chops/ mustaches/ etc.) directly from the Cosplayer's inspired imagination. These one of a kind pieces are created specifically to complete the "transformative illusion" (cosplay) of the client's "HERO" from any genre: movies, television, comics and original concepts. 

We are devoted SOLELY to the art of custom cosplay wig creation. Our hand-fabricated wigs and facial hair applications are state of the art; the absolute highest level of quality physically possible, using the most advanced, cutting-edge design applications, methodologies and materials currently at the vanguard of of the professional custom wig industry. 

Our company was founded and is run by established entertainment industry wig masters & hair artisans, all currently working at the top levels of the field, with credits spanning feature film, television and theater. These elite professionals bring with them a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in crafting one of the most complex (and often misunderstood) aspects of cosplay...the wig; the literal and figurative "CROWN of COSPLAY".

Please explore the image galleries found throughout this site and contact us with any questions whatsoever about becoming a HERO HAIR custom client.


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